13 juin 2006

Emission du 13 juin

Playlist :

The bad plus - Karma Police (from Exit Music)
Rocé - Ce que personne n'entend vraiment (from Identité en Crescendo)
Kora Jazz Trio - Folly (From "singles EP")
Konono n°1 - Couleur Café (from Congotronics vol.2)
Nora Dean - Barbwire (from Trojan 'Tighten Up' Box Set)
Pascals - Matatabi Yoyokuhen (from Dodesukaden)
Thom Yorke - Cymbal Rush (from The Eraser)
High Tone - Wazabi Shot (Suhit Remix from High Tone re-processed vol.1)
Sayag Jazz Machine - Zapata (K. Kry remix from Experiences)
Anathallo - To Gary and Marcus (from Sparrows)

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