31 octobre 2006

Instant Composer Pool Orchestra

Je vous avais déjà parlé de l'ICP Orchestra. On les retrouve ici dans un répertoire plus conventionnel mais leur performance n'en reste pas moins exceptionnelle. Mention spéciale pour la reprise de Monk.

- l'ICP Orchestra* à Bimhuis, (Amsterdam), le 1er novembre 1997 -
Twelve Bars (Herbie Nichols)
Skiddoo 2300 (Herbie Nichols)
Four In One (Thelonious Monk)
Rollo 1 (Misha Mengelberg)

* Misha Mengelberg : piano
Thomas Heberer : trompette
Wolter Wierbos : trombone
Michael Moore : sax, clarinette
Ab Baars : clarinette, Sax
Ernst Reijseger : violoncelle
Tristan Honsinger : violoncelle
Ernst Glerum : contrebasse
Han Bennink : batterie
- Special Guests -
Roswell Rudd : trombone
Peter Brôtzmann : reeds
Steve Lacy : sax soprano

2 commentaires:

squeezorang a dit…

Marvin Rouge,
sorry, I can't write/speak French, so here in English - hope you understand:
your blog is WONDERFUL - and I want to thank you especially for this ICP live recordings!!!
What can I say - with every post it seems you are posting exactly out of my soul - very spooky!!! But it's Halloween, and it just seems right!

Please keep up your great work and nice shares - I really dig what you do!

yours, squeezorang

marvin rouge a dit…

You're really welcome !

Thank you for your comment. I'll take a moment to visit your blogs. Sure that I will discover a lot of fantastic sounds too...

See ya soon.