19 octobre 2006

John Zorn Chamber Ensemble

- John Zorn Chamber Ensemble* au Barbican (Londres), 29 octobre 1998 -
Memento Mori
Music for Children
Cat O'Nine Tails

* Joyce Hammann : premier violon
Mark Feldman (photo) : second violon
Lois Martin : alto
Erik Frielander : violoncelle
Stephen Dury : piano
Anthony Coleman : piano
William Winant : percussion
John Zorn : saxophone alto

6 commentaires:

Kataplasm a dit…

Ah John Zorn!
Je m'aperçois que je ne connais pas encore tout du monsieur...

marvin rouge a dit…

Je suis vraiment ravi que ça te plaise !

: )


Anonyme a dit…

I would be very interested to listen to these sound files, but the links are not existing anymore.

marvin rouge a dit…

I apologize for your disappointment but I delete audio links after one week...

It's a way to protect this music.



centrifuge a dit…

why does this entry show up as one of the most recent, when the last update to it was 26th Oct? I got all excited then :(

marvin rouge a dit…

I'm so sorry, it's a mistake...

I don't know why this entry appears as one of the five most recent entries...