11 décembre 2006

Kazoo Funk Orchestra

Le kazoo, c'est fun... euh... c'est funk !
- téléchargez l'album complet (.rar ~45MB) -

... et pour Noël : Santa's Dead (3'09'')

>> site officiel
>> quatre titres à télécharger sur myspace

3 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

hi there - thnx for the great post, it's probably lotsa fun, but the Kazoo Funk Orchestra tracks don't open, they're corrupt or sth.
could you check & repost please?
good luck ...

marvin rouge a dit…

Everything seems to be OK !
I mean I can listen Santa's dead track and download the album...


Anonyme a dit…

I just downloaded the album, unpacked it and it plays fine, it's possible you had an error downloading? Try again!

The tracks are fantastic by the way, nice find!