05 février 2007

Anthony Coleman's Sephardic Tinge

- Anthony Coleman's Sephardic Tinge*, Pinokio Szczecin, Poland (5/10/1998) -
He would turn in his grave (7'58'')
Ladino Pasacalle (9'48'')
Terpsichore (8'23'')
Morenica (10'29'')

* Anthony Coleman : piano
Ben Street : contrebasse
Michael Sarin : batterie

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1 commentaire:

Lucky a dit…

i've seen anthony coleman live last year doing a solo piano set of jelly roll morton's compositions which was absolutely hilarious and wonderful. in the second set he did some old tunes from mordechaj gebirtig - he even did a cd on tzadik of these, but i've not heard it, yet.
his debut "disco by night" is also worth checking out, as well as his funny duos with roy nathanson - but i'm sure you'll already all know about that one...

cheers, lucky