28 mars 2007

Everyone, everywhere

Le collectif de vidéastes allemands 'The Land Jugend' (composé de Marcus Feder et Martin Sulzer) a mis en ligne son travail de commande pour le label de Jason Forrest : 'Cock Rock Disco'. Etonnant.

Tracklisting :
Food For Animals - Elephants
About - Think Niles Drink
Duran Duran Duran - Ralez
Dev/Null - Goblin
Next Life - Red Stone
Stunt Rock - I’ve Really Lost It Because This Shit Is Starting To Sound Like Washed-Up, Half-Assed Fatboy Slim Ripoff With A Twelve Year Old’s Sense Of Humor.
Slepcy - With Charles Bukowski On The Ride
Audiogarde - Mardi Gras
Don Augusto - The House Denominator Factor
Drumcorps – Saddest
Vorpal - Gymnopedie_v1.01
Terminal 11 - Counter Clockwise Chant Pattern
Doormouse – Dizzay
Pisstank - Punching Your Girlfriend’s Cunt ‘Til It Bleeds
The Assdroids - Stravinsky’s “Rite Of Spring” Cover Song (Rehearsal Version)

>> the land jugend
>> cock rock disco
>> télécharger everyone, everywhere (vidéo Mpeg, 64.5 MB)

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