29 avril 2007

Tiny Bell Trio - Bremen 1995

- Tiny Bell Trio, Jazz Club Kito, Bremen, Allemagne, 14 février 1995 -
impro 1 (10'39'')
impro 2 (10'22'')
impro 3 (21'25'')

Dave Douglas : trompette
Brad Shepik : guitare électrique
Jim Black : batterie

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1 commentaire:

centrifuge a dit…

not bad, not bad... none of them are exactly improvisations of course, in fact i think it's all material from the second album (constellations) - track 2 is definitely the title track, and i recognise most of it but can't put titles to it off the top of my head! excuse the english, my brain is overheated and saying all that in french would take twice as long ;-)